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Virpi's 40th Birthday Party - Assorted Photos and Videos

These photos are taken with the disposable cameras:

Photos by Guests

For these photos and videos we can thank Maiju and Risto:

By Maiju & Risto

And this is how Taina and Sami saw the party through the lense:

Photos by Taina & Sami

Here's what Miska captured with his camera:

Photos and videos by Miska

These photos are taken with Virpi's old, somewhat broken camera. There are also some videos - quite dark, but at least worth listening to:

By Virpi & co

The professional photos by Freddy:

Photos by Freddy

5 more videos to go, then you've seen it all:

"Autumn Roses" - Written and sung by Terry Koivunen.

"Ride On" - Our version of the famous Christy Moore song.

"I'm Here Without You" - This time it's not 3 Doors Down, it's Single Malt Double Fun.

"Yhtenä iltana" - Written by Hector, sung by Michael... in Finnish!!!

"Eye in the Sky" - Better than Alan Parsons Project?!?!

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